When you’re feeling good, the world is your oyster. Our female colleagues have become the faces of NEBBIA’s newest collection!

When you’re feeling good, the world is your oyster. Our female colleagues have become the faces of NEBBIA’s newest collection!

26.05.2022 3 minutes

NEBBIA would like to show you that our brand isn’t just for bodybuilders and fitness models. Our latest campaign proves it. The FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD campaign is designed for sports activities and free time. “We have so many skilled women in our company that have so many different hobbies and beloved activities that they do. We are so happy they are part of our latest campaign. Thanks to them we can show that not only this collection, but NEBBIA brand as a whole makes every active woman feel confident and amazing,” these are the words of Jarka Huljakova, our Marketing Manager.

We are a Slovak brand that has been on the market for 25 years and thanks to our skills and craftsmanship, we have made a name for ourselves in the fitness community. Our mission is not over yet.  NEBBIA represents the motivation of all the people with a positive attitude toward an active lifestyle and themselves. Naturally, the next step for us was to show a new collection on women that were at the very beginning of NEBBIA: “The idea of including our colleagues and the owner Stanka was a very spontaneous one. The collection was created to shine a light on the importance of feeling good. Because if you feel good, you radiate good vibes, confidence, calmness which makes you look good,” Jarka continues.

The main character of this collection is our chief designer and co-founder of NEBBIA Stanka Peckova who designs every single piece of clothing for NEBBIA: “I believe that by participating actively in this campaign, I’ll inspire other women to take care of themselves and to bloom, no matter their age.”

What was the photoshoot like according to our colleagues?

Graphic Designer Kaja: I was editing myself

At first, I was excited about the photo shoot, but then I found out that it’s actually hard work! Until now, my job was to only edit the pictures, being a model is something completely different. Lifting weight isn’t something that I normally do and flexing my muscles wasn’t easy. We were a great team, just like we are in the office, and I am happy I had the chance to be part of it. The pictures with gorgeous clothing were just a bonus.” This is how our Graphic Designer Karolina Zivcikova describes her photoshoot experience.

Customer Service Specialist Janka: Having a photoshoot in sweatpants is a dream!

I have learned the hard way that taking selfies and pictures for social media is something completely different than standing in front of a professional camera. Being a model was so unnatural for me at first. Thanks to our amazing and funny staff it was great and smiling for the camera became very easy. What I did love about being a model were the attention and care! Besides, I was wearing our new sweatpants and hoodies so I was super cozy the whole time. I didn’t even have to suck in my stomach,” our specialist Janka Janikova adds with a laugh.

Influencer Manager Lucka: We were trained by professional models

I have some experience with modelling, but I still had butterflies in my stomach. I have never been part of such a big production, not even while being a team member during previous photoshoots. I am so happy that the company gave us the opportunity to meet with professional models that showed us several interesting poses and taught us some basics. For the first, I had the chance to try on clothes way before it gets to the stores. I have chosen a couple of gorgeous pieces that I want to get,” says Lucka Barcakova about her experience as a model.

Being fit isn’t just about looking good, you must feel good as well

NEBBIA is a Slovak leader in fitness clothing and this year it celebrates its 25th birthday. Besides our functional pieces for men and women designed for workouts, the portfolio offers Bubble Butt Pants for the city, sophisticated swimwear pieces, and underwear. “ We have a strong fitness history, but we are convinced that a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about taking care of your body. It’s important to consider how we feel.

FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD collection is our first collection that supports everyone no matter what activity choose, it’s more important that they feel good. We started with a collection for women, active men are next! We are so proud of our colleagues that show everybody how beautiful we can be if we feel good.” Our Marketing Manager Jarka concludes.