There is only one original

There is only one original

27.10.2016 2 minutes

Nebbia is fitness brand and our business is very similar to sport. In sport you get nothing for free. You have to test everything on yourself to find out which exercises are good for you, which food is the most suitable. At the beginning your idols are at your local gym. Once you reach their level or you become better, you aim higher… to be the best in your country. If you are lucky enough and you succeed, there comes another goal… to reach the absolute top. Of course, in competitive sports, you also need a huge talent to reach that goal. We have the right mix of people in our team who create and work hard so that we also reach our desired goal.

We have already written this a few times. But in order for the following to make sense, we need to repeat it. Nebbia loves the competition. We need it, it’s our fuel. The best reward is the feeling that we are getting ahead of it.

But there is also another type of competition. The one that doesn’t develop anything, doesn’t promote and doesn’t take care about the team and their work. I don’t know who will read this article. I hope that you forgive me when I say that they are assholes. They take your product, produce it somewhere in third-world countries, make copies of it and then sell it under your brand name. The brand that you are building for years took enormous amount of effort and money for the marketing to be efficient.

At some point the information, that there are other producers (so-called producers) who copy your brand, is almost flattering because we have come to a point where we are interesting enough to be copied.

We didn’t take this problem so seriously up until now. Unfortunately many of us return from vacation with a t-shirt or anything else that looks like the renowned brand, but it is just a cheap fake of poor quality… This is everyone’s business and his own decision. We don’t want to moralize. We just wanted to state that there is this kind of problem and there is almost impossible to fight legally against these fake producers : (

Please don’t buy our (in fact not our) NEBBIA products somewhere at the street market or from unauthorized sellers. As we try to make our products perfect, in the same way we carefully choose our resellers. They have very high standards and these are the places where you should buy= our products.