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This men's sweatshirt with a champion design is a must have for any bodybuilder and bodybuilding lover. Motivate yourself with real legends.

Remember why you started.

The new sweatshirt is the embodiment of your beginnings. We admire your hard work and determination. You knew from the beginning that there were no shortcuts. You deserve to wear the Olympia legacy - the most prestigious bodybuilding competition that has made Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dexter Jackson living icons.

We combined retro design with modern technologies to meet the requirements of high-profile athletes and hard-working men. We used a new, unique material that you will not find in any other collections! The inner side of the sweatshirt is made of soft and pleasant shirt-like material for extra comfort. On the outside, there is a knurled structure that protects you from wind or cold in an air-conditioned gym.

The sweatshirt is a real designer piece. We added a spacious pocket that adds a little bit of edge. The time to get it is now. Wear the legacy of real champions!


1965 is a new men’s collection by NEBBIA that has a very special meaning. It’s made in collaboration with Mr Olympia, the most prestigious bodybuilding event in the world. Inspired by its heritage, we worked together with the top athletes to uncover the secrets of real champions and transform them into clothing. This collection will take you back to the golden age of bodybuilding, to the year when it all started. With 1965, we celebrate the golden era and Mr Olympia legends throughout history. And now you can celebrate with us, too! Embody the hard work and dedication of these bodybuilding icons and pay tribute to your fitness journey.

  • Details

    • Solid abrasion resistant material
    • Original smart pocket on the front
    • Retro design inspired by the golden era of bodybuilding
    • NEBBIA lampas with Mr Olympia logo
    • Patents on the bottom of the sweatshirt and on the sleeves
    • A hoodies with laces
    • Breathable and comfortable material
    • Loose fit for maximum freedom of movement
    • Secret applique “Remember why you started”
    • Material: 96% cotton, 4% polyamide
  • Care

    Take care of your clothes and your planet

    1. Wash at the maximum temperature 40°C with clothing of the same color, do not leave in water
    2. Iron at the maximum temperature 110°C without steam
    3. Do not put in the dryer
    4. Do not use fabric softener
    5. Recycle or gift if no longer needed :)