Compression Clothing for Greater Performance without Compromise

Compression Clothing for Greater Performance without Compromise

12.05.2023 4 minutes

Imagine the perfect fitness clothing that will help you push your limits. More energy for muscles, lower risk of injury, faster recovery. Plus, it’s comfortable, even though it’s close-fitting. That’s what the new compression clothing from the INTENSE collection is. Thanks to its innovative technical features, it provides endless comfort during training. It will boost your performance and recovery of tired muscles and the added elastane will ensure natural elasticity.

Even our ambassador, Maureen Blanquisco, can’t get enough of it. This is confirmed by her own words: “I trained a lot in the INTENSE collection models. I am sure that I would not choose anything else now.”


What makes compression clothing special?

Sports compression clothing is based on the principle that proper and balanced compression of strained parts of the body stimulates blood circulation. As a result, more oxygen reaches the strained muscles and blood circulation is improved. This is the same principle as the well-known compression socks and stockings that have been used in healthcare for many years. The production of sports compression clothing has multiplied the excellence of this material and effectively helps athletes to accelerate blood circulation and perform better.


Compression clothing will help you:

  • during increased physical activity, when you need to supply your muscles with more oxygen and get the blood flowing,
  • reduce the risk of injury by keeping muscles warm and supporting specific muscle areas,
  • in muscle recovery after exercise and reduces the risk of muscle fever,
  • in faster recovery after injury and reduction of swelling.

The fact that the material is quick-drying, sweat-proof and pleasant to the touch has become standard. Manufacturers also try to differentiate themselves with additional benefits such as UV protection during summer days.


100% performance with compression clothing

Feel every move you make more intensely than before. INTENSE will allow you to understand your body and every move it makes. The whole collection is focused on encouraging better performance from those who work hard to achieve their personal goals and are not afraid to push themselves to their limits. You will appreciate compression clothing especially during intense and strength training, such as HIIT, CrossFit or weightlifting, when you go really hard.


HERE’S A TIP FOR YOU: For clothing to provide all the promised benefits, you need to make sure that it is not too tight, i.e. that it does not squeeze or restrict you too much. Once you have the new bit in your hands, make sure it’s the right one before you rip off the label. Try squats, jumps and stretch all your muscles. You should feel a slight pressure, but not an uncomfortable grip. You want clothes that motivate you to perform.



The feeling of confidence during training

We have improved the properties of functional clothing. Thanks to the 25% elastane addition, the material is sufficiently elastic but does not stretch unnecessarily. It is pleasant to the touch and adapts perfectly to your body and movement. The 75% proportion of synthetic material on the composition, such as polyamide (nylon), ensures its high resistance and durability. Yet it is still lightweight and quick-drying.

You alternate different types of moves when exercising. Stretching, squatting and lifting. When you try INTENSE compression fitness clothing, you will quickly notice that your stability during activity has improved. Flexibility ensures freedom of movement and natural and technically mastered execution of the performance. Compression increases muscle support and consequently reduces vibration during exercise. It helps to improve blood circulation, thus supplying the necessary dose of oxygen to the muscles. Our new collection will convince you that compression material doesn’t have to push and be stiff.


Allow the skin to breathe freely without sweating

You will get sweaty when you train hard. But training totally sweaty isn’t comfortable. Enjoy the endorphin rush without a drop of sweat. Although compression clothing fits the body, it is also breathable and allows air to flow directly to the skin. And wicks moisture away. So you’ll be as cool as a cucumber.


Comfort with every move you make

To not make the movement a struggle. Suitable clothing can make exercise more enjoyable. Clothing made from compression material adapts exactly to the skin. Nothing is pushing, grinding or getting in the way. It will even protect you from the summer sun thanks to UV protection. Enjoy the feeling of freedom and improve your performance.



Post-training recovery support

I’m sure you know that. There are times when you overdo it and feel muscle fever. The INTENSE collection has been designed to support you in these moments. The material prevents muscle fatigue and helps with muscle recovery. Thanks to its properties, it provides perfect support and accelerates recovery even after a strenuous training.


Compression clothing is functional and trendy

The great thing is that the whole collection is not only functional and technically sophisticated, but also looks very trendy and luxurious. You don’t have to compromise between design and quality. Compression clothing is a combination of both. With INTENSE models you can train in the most ideal conditions and look and feel great.


Choose the right balance between comfort, functionality and design

You always have a choice. Show your determination and emphasise your toughness by choosing a material that supports your performance, accentuates your curves and ensures comfort with every move. INTENSE is the choice that does not limit you.